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Aries Special Day Message Card - Personalize It - We Mail It for You!

$6.00 USD

We create and send a personalized message card for you!

The world has become overly digital, and physical cards go
above and beyond the ordinary, adding a personal, tangible touch that leaves a
real impact on your recipients.

We will simplify the process by printing personalized
message cards and mailing on behalf of you. So, you can start sending more
messages to people you care in your life!

Here is how it works.

1. You can change the text on front cover,

2. You can type out the message inside card, and we will print
it out for you professionally.

3. Provide your send from name and mailing address

4. Provide your recipient’s name and mailing address

5. Please check spelling, we will print out what you provide

6. We will mail it to your recipient.  

Card Specifications: 

· Made in USA 

· Standard Fine Finch 110# 

· Printed on HP Indigo Printers 

· 7x5 Front & Back Folded Card 

· Includes stamped and addressed