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Decorating Your Home Office?

Posted on April 25 2020

Decorating Your Home Office?

I have many inquiries about larger sizes for my artwork. I was not able to provide larger print sizes since my studio's printer limits the available sizes.

However, due to the recent business lockdowns, many of my art material suppliers went out of the businesses. This encouraged me to research on my business model. I have found the other complementary companies to do the printing, framing, and shipping for my art.

This is great news that you no longer have to wait for my receiving various inventory and then assembling in my studio prior to shipping to your home.

You will need to purchase directly from the company. I will still be paid for an artist fee from these companies, so you are supporting my business.

Please consider viewing my art collection on this site.

If you have any question, please do contact me at:

info [at]  (note: please replace [at] with @ when you email me.