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The shop Parallel 47 North brings you the esoteric metaphysical artwork and giclee prints. Its inception, started by the owner, creator, and curator, who is a Japanese born American, lived in Switzerland, Seattle, WA, and currently Northern Idaho. All the places I lived at are the 47th Parallel North. Do you call it a coincidence? As a result, the shop Parallel 47 North carries a unique set of artwork collections surrounding Oriental, European, and North American.



The studio started with vintage artwork and art books that I collected around the world. I have moved around (and countries!) many times in my life. I have developed a passion for mixed media and graphics design while in search of creating a cozy but inspiring home space everywhere I lived. As a student of alchemy, I am fascinated by the wisdom and beauty of ancient artwork. I receive inspirations from the timeless vintage art and create a unique piece with vibrant color to brighten up our lives.



If you like vibrant giclee print on an archival museum quality art pager, I offer you quality handcrafted artwork prints. I manage all creative work and production processes in my studio using a fine-art printer. The most prints use museum class 100-years certified archival by accredited 3rd party quality paper, to ensure gorgeously vivid, detailed, and long-lasting prints. I source the best museum archival quality art print media, ink, paper, paint, pastels, foils, from the US, Japan, and Switzerland. The final product is a statement of beauty and quality that will last a lifetime and that you will be proud to display.



I hope you find suitable items in my store to beautify your home or to gift your loved ones.



Thank you for visiting my shop and taking the time to read all this info. If you have questions, I didn't cover, please message me. 
With Gratitude, Yuka 



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