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Adam and Eve, Bible Illustrations, Framed 13x19, Devotional Decor, illuminated Manuscript, Esoteric Art, Rosicrucian, Free Mason, Sacred Geometry Art

$137.00 USD

The Adam and Eve, Bible Illustrations, believe to be originally from the early 1730s. It is digitally enhanced, colored, embellished, and reproduced as a giclée print in our studio. Each design is carefully reproduced preserving the original elements of the artwork details with enhancements to highlight the meticulous work of the artist. The artwork can be a unique addition to your art collection. It will look great on your wall, your desk or any display table. It will also serve great as a one-of-a-kind gift to your friends or family members. It will surely delight the seekers of esoterica, Rosicrucian, Free Mason, and alchemy art. You can purchase this art as print-only, or I can mat and frame it for you. Please select your choice via the options pull-down menu next to the product photographs. The original artist; Pfeffel Johann Andreas the Elder, was born 1674 in Bischoffingen - Breisach, was a well-known illustrator and engraver as well as an art publisher. He was trained at the Fine Arts Academy in Vienna as an Imperial Court Copper Engraver and specialized in a large variety of art; book illustrations, ornamental engravings, portraits, and devotional images. The illustrations presented are from the Copper Bible Physica Sacra by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer. Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1672-1733) was a physician in Zurich and one of the earliest explorers of Swiss nature. On walks and trips, he collected botanical, zoological, geographical, paleontological and meteorological findings. From them, he formed a desire to publish a Bible that was intended to represent the scientific implications of the Bible. His bible sent Scheuchzer from Johann Andreas Pfeffel to Augsburg because he did not receive permission to print in the Orthodox Protestant city of Zurich. The work was published between 1731 and 1735 in Latin and German in four volumes each with a total of more than 2,000 pages of text and more than 750 full-page engravings of Augsburg and Nuremberg engravers. With its rich furnishings, the Copper Bible is one of the most elaborate projects in the history of the Augsburg publishing industry of the time and a masterpiece of 18th-century printmaking. 

▶︎ Matte Canvas Material

* 100-Years Certified Archival by Accredited 3rd Party

* 13 x 19 inches; 450 gsm weight (Artwork Size: the actual artwork is approx. 11.5 X 17.5 inches)

▶︎ Mat

* Color - Black 

* Size: 18 x 24 inches Mat Outer

* Opening Size: 13 x 19 inches

▶︎ Black Frame 18x24 inches
Material: Wood
Frame (plexiglass area opening) Size: 18 x 24 inches
Frame Outer Dimensions: 20 x 26 inches
The frame has a backing board with two installed wall-hanging hooks, hanging wire and installation instruction included.




To ensure the longevity of the artwork and print/s, I would suggest; all prints, whether giclee, antique or vintage, protect from direct sunlight, high heat, and moisture. Please use a mat or spacers when framing.

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